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US Army

Take Each Day as it Comes

Take Each Day as it Comes

Combat for us Luxembourg 10th Armored was from maybe December 17 to Christmas Eve, 1944.  For us, Christmas day was quiet and the sun was out and we got lots and lots of mail.

On Christmas night units of the 5th Infantry Division came into our forest and took over our positions, and the 10th Armored guys marched maybe 10 miles under the most gorgeous great moon I’ve ever seen in my life.  Then, we climbed into our vehicles and rode some and came to a place where the Christmas dinner Ike had promised us was being served.

December 26th, 1944, we ate chow in pre-dawn darkness, climbed into our vehicles and rode out of Luxembourg.  I remember that we passed an entire armored division moving north, in the opposite direction, and I learned later that this was “Super Six,” the Sixth Armored Division which had left Metz, France, after Christmas dinner and were heading for the Ardennes.

We met a different breed of cat in the Ardennes.  We met a German who would fight as long as there was breath in his body.  When our battalion commander told us “Go out there and earn our combat infantry badges,” he meant exactly what he said.


Our losses in that comparatively brief Ardennes experience were heavy, and when our vehicles brought us out of Luxembourg and back into France, we sure as hell knew we’d lived to see another day.

McAuliffe Square, Bastogne, Belgium
Source: Bulge Bugle, May 1996
Cpl Joseph W. BULKELEY

61st Armored Infantry Battalion

10th Armored Division


Battle of the Bulge,