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US Army

Rescue of a Nurse

Rescue of a Nurse

While on patrol in the Bulge, the Germans had artillery over the area.  I went on till I saw a white bit of cloth by a log.  I went over and there was a woman lying almost hidden.  I thought she was dead but after checking her heart, I found she was breathing but unconscious and in shock.  I put my jacket under her head.
An artillery shell had hit her in the buttocks taking a piece off of her 6 inches long and 3 inches wide.  She hadn’t bled to death as the artillery shell was so hot it seared the wound, leaving hundreds of pin points of blood with no flow.
I got out my first aid kit and dressed the wound.  She still hadn’t come to so I picked her up and started away from the Germans and yelling for a medic over and over.
The job of medics during the battle (photo N.A.R.A.)
After what seemed like ages I got an answer and some medics came out of the woods.  I told them what happened and they said they would take her to the First Aid Station and then to a hospital.
I never got her name but she looked like a nurse that had taken a walk and got lost and wondered into a German artillery barrage.  I hope they got her to a hospital on time.

I went back to my company and as usual the commander said some day a sniper will get you or you’ll step on a mine and I’ll put you down as a deserter.  I said, “You do that, Captain?”

Source: Bulge Bugle, May 1996

26th Infantry Division


Battle of the Bulge,