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The Lucky Missing Sock


 The Lucky Missing Sock
The Battle of the Bulge that Christmas of 1944 was cold and wet with lot of snow.  Our sergeant in charge was Sergeant Hammer (or Hamner).  He told us to dig in; we dug all day to place our half track, which had four 50's and one 37mm Antiaircraft gun for shooting planes out of the air.
That night after digging fox holes, I was wet, soggy and minus one dry sock.  So I went over to my buddy's fox hole to see if he had a sock I could get.  Immediately after I left, the Germans lobbed a grenade in my hole.  My buddy didn't have a spare sock so I crawled to the next hole.  The Germans were dropping in on us from the air, also.
My buddy in the third hole had just gotten a Christmas gift from home, a pair of purple socks.  Since I only needed one sock, I took it and left.  I was just a short distance from his hole when the Germans lobbed another grenade in his hole.

I lost two buddies that day and for the want of a dry sock, my life was spared three times.  I wear one purple sock every day since that happened and shed a tear each time I put it on.

Source: Bulge Bugle February 1993

By Pfc John M. HOLT

106th Antiaircraft Artillery

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