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Some Days before the Bulge

Some Days before the Bulge

About mid December we had a coordinated tank and infantry assault on Hoven (Germany.)  The Germans were patiently waiting, well concealed and fortified, for us to get well out into that mine covered field.We went tip-toeing through the mine field and soon our tanks were following.  And once we were well out in that flat open field and past a point of no return the Krauts suddenly opened season on us.  It was hell to tell the captain as we were caught in the deadly cross fire between our tankers and the German tanks and infantry.  Our men were going down like weeds before a long mowing machine blade.
This was a day of carnage.  I personally saw a bloody medic raise a red cross flag, and the Krauts promptly shot it down.  And a short time later he raised a white flag, and the Krauts lost no time in shooting that down, also.  They even had the Luftwaffe to come in to do some strafing.
Our artillery threw in a smoke screen, and we were told to leave our mortars and heavy weapons so as to travel fast.  And any man that could walk or crawl and pull the trigger on a gun was to hustle forward.  We would take Hoven - - or there would be none of us left to fight.
We took Hoven at a very costly price, and left it to get back into the snow covered forest of the Ardennes.  We fought day and night.  And Christmas time of 1944 had went by before a lot of us realized it.  The fighting was fierce and the Germans even crawled through the deep snow at night with knives in their teeth trying to get us.  We wore out the firing pins and folded up the base plates on the mortars like catchers mitts.  And the enemy wanted our butts so bad they would send in the Luftwaffe - - right in the midst of a howling snow storm.
We finally tore asunder the panzer's pincers of General Gerd von Rundstedt and his Bulge became deflated.
Source: Memorable Bulge Incidents = 1994


"C" Company

60th Infantry Regiment

9th Infantry Division


Battle of the Bulge,