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US Army

On Patrol in Europe

On Patrol in Europe
When I went overseas, I joined the 28th Infantry Division somewhere in France.  I was in Company “F”, Second Battalion, 112th Infantry Regiment.  We were in Luxembourg on December 16, 1944 when the Battle of the Bulge broke loose.  We went through the Battle of the Bulge.  It ended January 25, 1945.  After that they pulled us back near Colmar, France. 
One night, about 1:00 in the morning, they sent us out to make to make contact with another outfit about a quarter of a mile away.  They wanted us to see if the enemy was penetrating through. We made contact with the outfit and were on our way back when we met a German patrol.
The Germans walked within four feet of us.  We had our rifles on them, and they had their rifles on us.  Nobody fired a shot.  The Germans went on, and we got up and went back to our outfit.
On January 31st, 1945, I got wounded.  They got me to the hospital on February 1st.  I stayed in the hospital about forty days before they returned me to my outfit.  The Sergeant and a lot of my buddies had already moved on. 
Source: Bulge Bugle November 2011

By Gilbert TROXELL


"F" Company

112th Infantry Regiment

28th Infantry Division


Battle of the Bulge,