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War in Europe

The War Years of a Teenager (book)


Xlibris Corporation - USA

Year of publication:

July 22, 2008




ISBN-10: 1436306582

ISBN-13: 978-1436306584


19,98 $

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Product Description
This non fiction story begins in the year 1944, when this teenager is drafted right out of High School into the Army Infantry. He is a very immature child . It was like throwing a Puppy into a Pit Bull dog fight. The early chapters include Basic training and traveling to Europe on one of the largest pleasure ships in the World. {THE ILDE DE FRANCE} . He arrives in England , France , Holland and finally Belgium , in time for the famous Battle of the Bulge. Included is the combat in Belgium and Germany and the end of the War. Being still a Teenager , he must remain in the German occupation for a year. It is here he escapes his immaturity and becomes the Battalion Administrative Sgt. Major.. Fifty years later he returns to the Battlefield and to the sites where many of his Army friends died. Old War acquaintances , natives of Belgium , Holland and Germany , come out to greet him and rekindle stories of the War years. He is united with a German Army veteran , who faced him near Bastogne , Belgium , Jan. 4, 1945. [The reunion of an old War neighbor.] Please note ... If you are a reader searching for a story about high ranking accomplishments and outstanding hero deeds , this journal is not for you. Please place it back on the shelf. This is the story of a boy , a Kid in a hole , like millions of teens, caught up, in the all out ,War effort of WWII...


About the Author
Eugene James Cowles , a first time writer, born Johnstown, Pa., a steel producing city, in the year 1926, son of a steel mill clerk, victim of the severe economic depression in the 1930's and the famous Johnstown flood of 1936. Drafted into the Army Infantry, several days after graduation, during WW II,. Served in the European Theatre. Educated Temple University graduating in 1950. Employed Crown American, as their Secretary Treasurer, a million dollar developer of Shopping malls and Hotels Purchased , and operated , as their CEO , a lumber and Construction firm ,until retirement. After retirement , purchased and maintained seventeen rental apartments.